SROA Committees

Dear Fellow SROA Member: As President of our organization, I am requesting for you to consider a position as a member of one of our committees. Our organization is in need of hardworking and dedicated individuals who are willing to contribute their talents to further the goals of SROA. Click here for the online committee application.

Beverly Cusano, President of the Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators

SROA Standing Committees

Communications Committee

Sharda Kohli, Co-Chair

Christina McKendry, Co-Chair

Mission Statement
The Communications Committee is responsible for the oversight, creation, development and distribution of member communications across the Society. Our mission is to collect, process, review and disseminate information that is appropriate and of interest to the members of the SROA.


  • To further enhance the communication between vendors, members, and writers in the field of radiation oncology for the benefit of the Society as a whole and the people that SROA’s members serve.
  • To ensure SROA’s members receive quality, relevant content that meets high editorial standards
  • To keep the membership apprised of activities and initiatives undertaken by SROA’s committees by communicating
  • To provide well-researched, quality content (newsletter articles and briefs) that will provide members with information about developments in the field
  • To disseminate “breaking news” to members promptly
  • To serve as an information resource for members
  • To encourage members to write content for the newsletter and respond to all related inquires in a timely manner.


  • Produce four (4) quarterly newsletters including the annual billing and coding edition published in print and online
  • Create and disseminate eBoosts to inform members of relevant and urgent news, as needed
  • Write and publish timely news briefs on SROA’s website
  • Conduct monthly meetings to review and discuss issues and to develop ideas for newsletter articles
  • Manage the Quality Assurance, Safety & Compliance section of the Resources and Administrative Links module of the SROA website.
    • Monitor List Serve for items to be published on website and reach out to members to encourage publication
    • Assist with the production of webinars/podcasts
  • Help other SROA committees use the communications vehicles available to communicate initiatives underway (e.g., the mentorship program).

Membership Committee

Donna Royster, Chair

Mission Statement
The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members and the retention of current members in the Society.


  • Communicate the benefits of SROA membership with current members and potential new members
  • Promote value of membership in SROA
  • Develop new and innovative ways to attract new members as well as retain current membership.
  • Collaborate with other SROA committees to provide educational opportunities to the membership
  • Develop current and future society leaders by encouraging active participation in committees
  • Develop leadership skills of members and encourage member networking to enhance profession through Mentor Program


  • Develop and maintain an active mentorship program
  • Develop a membership marketing strategy and tactics.
    • Develop an outreach program with other committees to seek new members
    • Identify potential new sources for membership
  • Review membership statistics and trends in membership (including statistics for new membership, membership renewal for all member categories, and student membership conversion upon graduation/professional employment.
  • Identify mechanisms for membership retention and promotion
    • eek member input to continually improve the society
    • Review and recommend new member services
    • Establish new membership categories as needed
  • Manage the Human Resources section of the Resources & Administrative Links module of the SROA website.
  • Monitor List Serve for items to be published on website and reach out to members to encourage publication.
  • Direct members to resources available on website
  • Sponsor the New Member/First Timer/Mentor-Mentee Reception at the annual meeting
  • Contact new members with welcome letter, providing them with an SROA contact person or mentor

Professional Societies Liaison Committee

Doug Satterfield, Chair

Terri Henning, Co-chair

Mission Statement
The Professional Societies Liaison Committee facilitates the exchange of information among key professional societies and associations and reviews SROA programs and activities to identify current events that concern the membership. SROA’s value to the relationship is the knowledge and expertise of its members.


  • Maintains formal contact or connection with key societies and associations
    • Carries information, questions, and feedback between the bodies at the request of the Board or as defined by member requests deemed relevant
  • Acts as ambassadors to promote and increase awareness about SROA through education & networking
  • Considers and inquires whether discussions that occur during SROA meetings should be raised with the other identified organizations, even when the Board or committee has not suggested that formal communication take place.


  • Meets at least annually with key* societies and associations to share information and address mutual concerns*
  • Coordinates with other SROA committees on information dissemination
    • Annual summary article or trend identification for newsletter
  • Provides suggestions for SROA representatives to external groups and serves as liaison to the Program Committee
    • Committee member sits on Program Committee
  • Participates as SROA representative at invited functions such as ASTRO Advocacy Day

*Identified by SROA Board of Directors

Advocacy History

Reimbursement and Economics Committee

Sansannah Johnson, Chair

Patricia Cardoze, Vice Chair

Mission Statement
The Reimbursement and Economics Committee is responsible for developing tools and resources to enhance the financial knowledge and practice of radiation oncology leadership.


  • Identify and develop best practice resources
  • Provide administrative resources to the membership in support of best practice standards
  • Scan horizon to identify reimbursement concerns affecting radiation oncology reimbursement and economic issues


  • Manage the Finance & Revenue Cycle section of the Resources and Administrative Links module on the SROA website
    • Monitor List Serve for items to be published on website and reach out to members to encourage publication.
    • Direct members to resources available on website
  • Monitor ACO's, ROBM’s and HealthCare RadOnc payment models
  • Create awareness of concerns with committee discussion
  • Focus committee projects based on membership needs
  • Develop Annual Meeting Abstracts
  • Record educational webinars
  • Identify subjects of interest to the membership for newsletter articles, promote webinars and other learning opportunities of interest

2016 Program Committee

Steve Meisner, Co-Chair

Gary Webster, Co-Chair

Mission Statement
The Program Committee is responsible for developing and conducting the Annual Meeting.


  • Contribute conceptual suggestions about general sessions topics, determine content for general sessions, and recommend/recruit general session speakers
    • Solicit featured speakers (i.e. plenary speakers, panel discussions, etc.)
  • Manage the Call for Workshops (contributed sessions). Abstracts will be accepted for the following tracks:
    • Technical/Clinical/Ancillary Services
    • Business & Leadership
    • Coding & Reimbursement
    • Quality & Safety
  • Extend the reach of the Annual Meeting using technology
  • Design the Annual Meeting to be relevant for changing responsibilities facing radiation oncology management
  • Plan social functions associated with the Annual Meeting


  • A well-received educational program
  • A financially successful meeting