News from 2007

Standard Chemoradiation Regimen Better Than Split Course for Esophageal Cancer - 11/28/07
Conventional chemoradiation better even if patients had surgery.

Prostate Cancer Patients May Receive Mismatched Therapies - 11/28/07
Pre-existing conditions affect radiation therapy choice.

Pasadena Hosts Successful Meeting - 11/09/07
See slide show of photos from the SROA 24th Annual Meeting

New Board Takes the Helm of SROA in Pasadena - 11/09/07
Board already has met to plan for coming year.

IOM Issues Report on Cancer and Genetics - 09/13/07
Workshop focused on scientific and reimbursement issues related to genetic testing and counseling.

Statins Don't Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk - 09/12/07
Meta-analysis helps clarify conflicting reports.

Proposed Legislation Expands Gift Disclosure - 09/12/07
Device manufacturers would have to disclose payments and gifts to physicians.

Overall Cancer Survival in United States Improves - 08/27/07
Five-year relative survival improves for most cancers; lung cancer is the exception.

Infection Contributes to Head and Neck Cancer Incidence - 08/27/07
HPV infection may increase incidence, particularly in younger men.

Physician Compensation Falls Short of Inflation - 08/27/07
Increase for specialists is nearly one-half of the inflation rate.

Many Americans Misinformed About Cancer - 08/05/07
Many believe statements made through e-mail.

Study Shows Electronic Records Don't Guarantee Quality Care - 08/05/07
Survey shows 25 percent of family practitioners do not plan to purchase EMR systems.

Combined Therapy Helps Older Patients With Lung Cancer - 08/05/07
Combined approach also more toxic.

Drug Improves Radiation-induced Vision Loss - 07/11/07
Cancer drug Avastin used to treat radiation retinopathy in recent study.

New Report Describes Health Staffing Shortage - 07/11/07
Combined physician-nurse shortage may lead to crisis in health care.

Advanced Cancers Linked to Insurance Status - 07/11/07
People who lack insurance are diagnosed with more advanced stages of breast and oropharyngeal cancers.

MedPAC Testimony Addresses Physician Payment - 06/04/07
Full report available from MedPAC.

Abbreviated Radiation Course Effective in Early Breast Cancer - 06/04/07
Findings from British study presented at ASCO Annual Meeting

Public Cancer Research Funding Flattens - 06/04/07
The funding levels could jeopardize cancer research advances.

CARE Bill Introduced in Senate - 04/03/07
This bill matches the one passed in December 2006 just before the session ended.

CMS Implements NPI Contingency Plan - 04/03/07
Many covered entities are not going to make May 23 deadline.

Joint Commission Calls For Improved Diversity Approaches - 04/03/07
Recommendations call for improved literacy and cultural competency actions in hospitals.

2007 ASTRO/ACR Coding Guide Available - 03/15/07
SROA members receive discount price.

Employers Cutting Health Costs and Waistlines - 03/07/07
Health insurance costs still increase 8 percent in 2007.

Researchers Find Evidence of 100 New Cancer Genes - 03/07/07
Far more mutations than thought are involved in cancer.

Poll Says Most Americans Support Universal Health Coverage - 03/07/07
Most are willing to pay more taxes to pay for the coverage.

ASTRO Accepting Applications for Annual Advocacy Day - 02/12/07
Registration closes March 23.

HIMSS Provides Free EMR Information - 02/12/07
Brochures help physicians and practice managers with setting up EMR systems.

Vitamin D Use May Cut Colorectal Cancer Risk - 02/12/07
Results are contrary to previous studies concerning use of vitamin D.

Radiation Therapy's Value for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Demonstrated - 01/21/07
Radiation in women over age 65 with breast cancer recommended to prevent recurrence.

New Radiotracer May Improve Prostate Cancer Imaging - 01/21/07
Tracer works with PET/CT imaging.

Denver Hospital Stops the Noise - 01/21/07
Studies show that noise adds to patient recovery time and medical errors.

Cancer Climber Leaves for Antarctica - 01/10/07
SROA keynoter will climb highest peaks on two continents, taking names of those touched by cancer with him.

Study Looks at Radiation Therapy Utilization vs. Availability - 01/10/07
When standard of care uncertain and services available, utilization was higher.

Depression Serious Among Breast Cancer Patients - 01/10/07
Women have trouble functioning; treatment is major concern.

Medicare Contractors Combine - 01/09/07
Five carriers/contractors combine to form new contractor serving nearly 20 states.