2008 News Archives

Cancer Incidence and Deaths Decline for First Time - 12/10/08

Cancer Patient's Depression Affects Family - 12/10/08

Shorter Radiation Course Effective for Some Breast Cancer Patients - 10/20/08

SEER Site Updated - 10/20/08

Radiation Therapy Patient Visits Up About Five Percent - 9/10/08

Most New Physicians Heavily Recruited - 9/10/08

Helping Patients, Saving Money - 9/10/08

Early Screening for Breast Cancer Relatives Questioned - 8/11/08

Video Game Helps Patients Stick to Treatment - 8/11/08

Researchers Study Risk Factors of Incurable Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - 7/15/08

Economic Uncertainty and IT Among Major Concerns of Medical Practice Managers - 7/15/08

Socioeconomic Status Affects Cancer Mortality Risk - 6/27/08

NPI Must Match IRS Data - 6/20/08
Requirement could set off mismatches in data.

FDA Warns Companies Touting Fraudulent Cancer Cures - 6/19/08
FDA also warns consumers about fake cures.

Aggressive Treatment Problematic for Childhood Cancer Survivors - 6/12/08
Chest radiation and certain chemotherapy drugs were most damaging to heart.

Social Networks Have Impact on Smoking Behavior - 6/11/08
Friends and spouses affect smokers quitting.

Less Skin Reaction With Breast IMRT - 6/11/08
Authors recommend IMRT over standard wedge technique.

Women With Breast Cancer Unclear About Treatment Options - 4/3/08
Certain populations have less understanding of risks vs. benefits.

American Cancer Society Briefing Webcast Available - 4/3/08
Register and link to view expert panel discussions.

ASCO Releases New Patient Information Web Site - 4/3/08
New site replaces People Living With Cancer site for patient information.

CARE Bill Passes Crucial Senate Committee - 3/13/08
Senate version of bill now has HELP approval and 24 co-sponsors.

American Cancer Society Adds Virtual Colonoscopy to Screening Recommendations - 3/12/08
The test is one of several determined to detect both polyps and cancer.

New Study Questions PSA to Biopsy Correlation for Prostate Cancer - 3/12/08
New laboratory tests may be needed to detect prostate cancer.

Better Performing Medical Practices Focus on Key Processes - 3/11/08
Having electronig medical records is one key indicator.

IMRT Reported to Have Fewer Prostate Cancer Treatment Effects - 3/11/08
Study is from Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Racial Disparities Discovered in Some Soft Tissue Cancer Survival - 2/1/08
Radiation therapy helps spare limbs.

Buying Medical Services? See Carol - 2/1/08
Consumer choice is touted in new Web portal for health care.

FDG-PET Findings Change Cancer Patient Management - 2/1/08
Findings help show effectiveness of imaging in treatment decision-making.

Aspiration Is Important Consideration for Head and Neck Cancer Patients - 1/9/08
Swallowing evaluations are recommended for patients undergoing therapy.

Fathering Children Affects Prostate Cancer Risk - 1/8/08
The relationship to cancer risk varies.

Health Care Spending Still Outpaces Inflation - 1/8/08
Increase over previous year is minor.