Radiation Oncology News Briefs - 2012

NCI Research Initiative Targets Cancer Screening

Phase I Trial Shows Slight Promise for Carbon-Ion Radiation Therapy for Treating Pancreatic Cancer

Uninsured Patients With Brain Tumors Face Higher Mortality Rates

SABR Proves Effective for Elderly Patients With NSCLC

U.S. Justice Department Orders Baylor University to Pay $907,355

Study Compares SBRT to Surgery for Stage I Lung Cancer

Studies Suggest Survival Advantage for Older Patients Undergoing SABR for Lung Cancer

Institutional Study Assesses the Effects of New Technology on Radiation Safety in the United States

CMS Adds Second Radiation Therapist for IMRT and Reduces Cuts to Radiation Oncology Services

Delay in Radiation Therapy for Uterine Cancer Reduces Local Control

Trial Assesses Shorter Treatment Course for Early-stage Breast Cancer

Small Study Indicates Robotic SBRT Provides Effective Local Control

Researchers Study Naming Conventions for Radiation Therapy Targets and At-risk Organs

Communication and Quality Top List of Study Needs in Radiation Oncology

Radiation Therapy Aids Patients With NCLSC Nodal Metastasis

Face-down Radiation Treatments May Provide Better Outcomes for Patients With Breast Cancer

CMS Updates ABN Guidance

Toxicity Low Among Patients With Gynecologic Cancers Who Undergo Post-operative IMAT

Genetic Mutations Point to Four Medulloblastoma Strains

AHRQ Assesses Effects of Bundled Payments on Quality and Costs

IMRT Proves Superior to Proton Beam and Conformal Therapies for Treating Prostate Cancer

Practitioners Work as Private Contractors and Apply Time Credits to Aid Patients in Maine Multispecialty Practice

CMS Offers Advice on Assembling an ICD 10 Team

Plant Protein Shows Promise in Treating Melanoma

CMS Proposed Cuts in 2013 Target IMRT and SBRT

Study Indicates Some Children With Hodgkin Lymphoma Can Bypass Radiation Therapy

Version 5010 Enforcement Discretion Period Ends This Week

Teens to 20s Cancer Survivors Face More Chronic Health Problems and Unhealthy Behaviors

Preoperative Radiation Plus Chemo Improve Survival in Esophageal Cancer

AHRQ Announces Beta Test Results for Health IT Hazard Management Software

Childhood Neglect Increases Risk of Stress Adulthood Skin Cancer

High Risk of GI Cancers Found In Latest Study of Childhood Cancer Survivors

Study Deepens Understanding of Gene Regulation in Brain Tumors

ViewRay MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System Receives Premarket Clearance in the United States

Prostate Cancer Treatments Drive Increased Use of Proton Therapy Between 2006 to 2009

Reduced-dose Radiation Therapy Added to Chemotherapy Proves Effective for Low-risk Rhabdomyosarcoma

Massachusetts Medical Society Launches Pilot Aimed at Reducing Medical Liability

SBRT Superior to Surgery for Treating Lung Cancer Complicated by COPD

Chemo Plus Radiation Therapy More Effectively Treats Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer

Poll Finds Health Care Facilities Struggling With ‘Meaningful Use’ Compliance

Study on Workload Stressors in Radiation Oncology Emphasizes Safety Aspect

Florida-based Health Plan and Georgia Radiation Oncology Practice Agree to Settle Multimillion Claims by the U.S. Department of Justice

CMS Delays Implementation of ICD-10 Until October 2014

HPV-positive Head and Neck Cancers Appear More Sensitive to Radiation Therapy

2012 AHRQ Survey on Hospital Safety Indicates Strength in "Teamwork"

Irradiated Melanoma Lesion Yields Distant Results in One Patient

Version 5010 Billing Discretionary Period Ends March 31

Cancer Death Rates Decrease Among American Men and Women From 1990 to 2007

Patients Balance Cost and Perceived Quality of Health Care

Latest Study Indicates Prevalence of “Chemo Brain”

Study Casts Doubt on Efficacy of Radiation Therapy Following Lung Cancer Surgery

Genetic Syndrome Strongly Tied to Breast and Pancreatic Cancers

HHS Announces Intent to Delay ICD-10 Implementation

U.S. Touts Record $4.1 Billion Recovery of Fraudulent Health Care Payments in 2011

Study Finds Small Margin of Error in Preventing Rectal Bleeding From Seeded Brachytherapy

FDA Reaches Agreement on Medical Device User Fees

Gene in Brain Tumor Increases Response to Radiation Therapy Combined with Chemo

Trial Indicates No Long-term Benefit Associated With Yearly Prostate Cancer Screening

Growth in Public and Private Spending on U.S. Health Care Falls During 2009 and 2010

Fibroblasts Believed to Spur Melanoma Tumor Growth

Study Highlights Possible Side Effects Associated With Combining Radiation and Targeted Drugs

CMS/HHS Issue Interim Rules for Payer Updates of Electronic Funds Transfer, HIPAA Standards