Commit to Greater Patient Safety: Sign the Pledge

Patient Safety Pledge

The Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA) is asking radiation oncology administrators, physicians, physicists, dosimetrists and radiation therapists to sign a pledge that raises awareness of how much this team accomplishes in keeping patients and coworkers safe during treatments.

Based on a yearly average of one million patients undergoing radiation therapy in the United States, the SROA Advocacy Committee created a commitment that can benefit radiation oncology professionals and their patients. While recent news reports have centered on the tragic effects of errors and the many reasons they occur, the SROA pledge acknowledges that the radiation oncology team can make a difference.

This commitment to patient safety recognizes that everyone on the team is human and can benefit from a "time out." It is a proactive approach to a life-saving treatment that so many patients must depend on.

You can download the "Safety Pledge" file or copy and distribute the document throughout your departments. For more ideas on how to pass this commitment forward, visit this site regularly.


SROA Board of Directors and Advocacy Committee