Cancer Related Financial Toxicity

July 26th, 1pm-2pm ET
Speakers: Brenda Marie Palo & Tina Berry

Members- complimentary

Link to register: Cancer Related Financial Toxicity

Cancer patients face unique financial burdens; our webinar will discuss how to recognize patients experiencing financial toxicity in relation to their cancer care and how to educate your staff in talking to patients about this delegate subject.  We will discuss the use of financial counselors, share resources for patients to help them better manage the cost of their medical care; and provide educational resources for staff to better recognize patients that may be experiencing financial toxicity.

Goal: “Cancer Related Financial Toxicity” presented during the annual meeting in Chicago received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our members in attendance.  We are presenting again as a webinar in order to share with a broader audience and to provide our members the full benefit of access to resources made available your by peers in Radiation Oncology.

Objective 1: Offer guidance toward solutions that will navigate and empower patients to take charge of their financial responsibilities after a cancer diagnosis.

Objective 2: Highlight the need for Financial Counselors and cost of care estimates; define the role of the financial counselor in the patient care workflow. 

Objective 3: Share the experiences of the Saint Frances Medical Center and the University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center recognition of Financial Toxicity and the use of Financial Counselors.


Moving Beyond the Pandemic - Home, Work, Life, and Balance!

December 6th, 12pm-1pm ET
Speakers: Kevin M. Coleman

Members- complimentary

Link to register: Moving Beyond the Pandemic - Home, Work, Life, and Balance!

As a leader and we are all leaders, how are you navigating through Home, Work, and Life challenges?  How are you finding the Balance you need? In the interactive training, Moving Beyond the Pandemic COVID: Home, Work Life, and Balance you will understand the leadership attributes needed to navigate through each segment of your life and career in an inspiring way.

Goal: Helping everyone find Harmony in the amid Chaos.

Objective 1: Understand the seven (7) critical attributes needed to Move Beyond COVID.

Objective 2: Discover the inspiring characteristics needed to maximize every opportunity for personal and professional Growth. 

Objective 3: Unlock the Key to achieving the Balance you need for Home, Work, and Life! 


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