2023 Podcast


Deb Crowe

Deb Crowe

Deb Crowe, a certified life and leadership coach and author of The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook, talks with SROA about why heart-centered leadership is important and how leaders can lead with passion, purpose and heart.

Website: Deb Crowe
Book: The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook

Anne Hubbard

Joanna Herath & Patty Saponaro

At SROA’s 40th Annual Meeting Joanna Herath and Patty Saponaro gave a presentation on developing radiation oncology (rad onc) leaders. They spoke with SROA on how to build an effective training program for new rad onc leaders and how to help staff explore their leadership potential.

Anne Hubbard

Anne Hubbard & Dr. Constatine Mantz

ASTRO has developed the Radiation Oncology Case Rate Program, or ROCR, which it believes is a better model for radiation oncology than the now defunct RO Model. ASTRO’s Anne Hubbard and Dr. Constantine Mantz explain why ROCR is a better solution to address reimbursement and care challenges radiation oncology currently faces.


Michael Leiter

Julie Abilheira

SROA President Julie Abilheira shares initiatives the society is working on to help members, the strategic plan and the first-ever pre-conference workshop for new administrators.

Sam Mazin

Metastatic cancer patients have fewer treatment options and much poorer outcomes than patientes diagnosed at earlier stages. Sam Mazin, cofounder and CTO of RefleXion Medical, talks with SROA about his hopes and plans for his company’s SCINTIX technology to treat metastatic disease. SCINTIX received FDA clearance in February 2023.

Website: RefleXion Medical

Michael Leiter

Michael Leiter

Michael Leiter is an honorary professor of organizational psychology with Deakin University in Australia, an expert in burnout and coauthor of a new book, The Burnout Challenge.


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