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Biology guided radiotherapy with Sam Mazin of RefleXion Medical

Sam Mazin of RefleXion Medical

By Mel Kauffman

Sam Mazin is the founder and CTO of RefleXion Medical. Mazin joined SROA Soundboard --a podcast for SROA to discuss biology guided radiotherapy (BgRT) technology for radiation oncology. 


What is Biology Guided Radiotherapy?

Biology guided radiotherapy combines radiation therapy with PET imaging, which is a biological image modality.  This technology uses the signal from the tumor and can shoot directly on the tumor's location. Hopefully, this technology will open the door to treating more advanced cancer.


What about Costly Renovations to Add this Technology?

There is good news for any facility interested in this technology; it fits into a standard linear accelerator vault. The shielding used on the standard vaults is sufficient to handle the six megavoltage primary beams' output. The only special consideration for facilities is the need for shielding for the PET CT scanner. Most facilities would need to add this shielding. 


Will my Patients Need to Prep differently?

Patients won't notice any changes in the treatment they receive. The patient will receive the PET tracers and go into the Relfexion vault instead of the PET CT vault. 


Is Biology Guided Radiotherapy Cleared by the FDA?

The CT guided portion of the technology was pending FDA clearance as of November 2019. Once this technology receives approval, it will administer convention radiotherapy with CT guidance using a 16 slide CT scanner. After this data is collected, the submission process will begin for FDA for clearance for Biology guided radiotherapy.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about

  • Potential of the technology 
  • Special shielding or space considerations 
  • Interface and treatment planning 
  • Patient flow 
  • Clinical data and early adopters 
  • Reimbursement and ROI 
  • Keeping this technology outside the bundle 
  • Interface with immunotherapy 
  • What decision-makers should know 

We want to hear from you!

Are you familiar with biology-guided radiotherapy and do you think your facility will adopt this technology?



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