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February 1, 2023
Cancer Treatment in a FLASH

By Tammy McCausland


This blog post is modified from an article that appeared in Radiation Oncology News for Administrators Vol 32 No 4.  

In 1959, D. L. Dewey and J. W. Boag first reported FLASH radiotherapy (FLASH-RT), a novel radiotherapy technology defined as a single ultra-high dose-rate (≥ 40 Gy/s) radiotherapy.1 They called it the “flash effect.”1

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February 3, 2022
Cancer Awareness Days

There are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancers are usually named after the organs or tissues where they are located. Major cancers like breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, liver, cervical and ovarian cancer are more well-known because there are more diagnoses. We put together a list of important cancer awareness days that are recognized nationally and internationally each year. This list is comprehensive, but not exhaustive, so we apologize for any we’ve missed.

By Tammy McCausland
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January 11, 2022
Cancer Awareness Months

Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected personally by cancer. In 2021, the American Cancer Society estimated there would be 1.9 million new cancer diagnoses in the U.S. and 608,570 cancer deaths. The National Cancer Institute reported that in 2020, prostate, lung and colorectal cancers accounted for an estimated 43 percent of all cancers diagnosed in men in 2020; breast, lung and colorectal accounted for an estimated 50 percent of all new cancer diagnoses in women.

We have put together a list of cancer awareness months

By Tammy McCausland
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February 17, 2021
A New Cancer Survivorship Clinic | SROA

Given the growing number of survivors––22.1 million survivors of cancer by 2030 according to American Cancer Society estimates––specific services will be needed to deal with long-term side effects and tools to help them maintain their quality of life.

By Tammy McCausland
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