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Cancer Awareness Days

Cancer Awareness Days featured by SROA
By: Tammy McCausland

There are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancers are usually named after the organs or tissues where they are located. Major cancers like breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, liver, cervical and ovarian cancer are more well-known because there are more diagnoses. We put together a list of important cancer awareness days that are recognized nationally and internationally each year. This list is comprehensive, but not exhaustive, so we apologize for any we’ve missed.

February 4, 2022: World Cancer Day
February 14, 2022: National Donor Day
February 15, 2022: International Childhood Cancer Day
February 28, 2022: Rare Disease Day

March 4, 2022: International HPV Awareness Day

May 2, 2022: Melanoma Monday
May 8, 2022: World Ovarian Cancer Day

June 6, 2022: National Cancer Survivors Day
June 17, 2021: World Kidney Cancer Day

July 13, 2022: GIST Awareness Day
July 22, 2022: Glioblastoma Awareness Day

August 1, 2022: World Lung Cancer Day

September 24, 2022: World Cancer Research Day

October 9, 2022: World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
October 13, 2022: Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
October 16, 2022: National Mammography Day

November 10, 2022: World Neuroendocrine Tumor Awareness Day (NET Cancer Day)
November 17, 2022: World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Which cancer awareness days are important to you?


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