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The Outcomes of Accreditation

By: Tammy McCausland

Ann Miner and Stephen Miller presented on the outcomes of accreditation.

Employee engagement is at the forefront of administrators’ minds. Engaging staff in quality improvement is important. Engaged team members impact outcomes, and the entire continuum of care. Quality improvement presents an opportunity to rediscover the fun and enjoyment in work; enables staff to connect in multidisciplinary teams, rediscovering what motivates them, and taking ownership of how they respond to the changing healthcare landscape; and prepare for challenges face in delivering best and safe practice.

Pursuing an accreditation strategy can cultivate an engaged workforce. Accreditation helps to facilitate credible leadership by providing purpose (be a part of something bigger); communicating and providing feedback; recognize that teamwork is a multidisciplinary partnership; provide structure in terms of appropriate staffing and support; support a continuous quality improvement culture; and embrace evidence-based care.

Havin an accreditation framework provides structure, and clear and shared expectations. It provides a consolidated QI initiative vs. feeling ad hoc. It creates a leadership mindset, helps with onboarding and training, facilitates a safety culture, and helps with establishing policies and standard operating procedures.

Accreditation helps build a safety culture, and having a safety culture influences patient outcomes. APEx provides a framework for setting clear and shared expectations at all levels, which leads to increased engagement.


Ann Miner is senior director of Radiation Oncology at Inova Health System.

Stephen Miller is director, Breast Center and Radiation Oncology at Cedars Sinai.


ACR Accreditation
ACRO Accreditation
Amy Edmondson (safety culture)

Has your oranization used accreditation to enhance employee engagement?

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