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1. 2020: The Remarkable Year

A year ago, we anticipated a new decade and all its promise. At the end of 2019, there were hints that 2020 would be extraordinary though, not in the way we expected. The news of novel coronavirus cases in Wuhan, China, foreshadowed the pandemic that swept across the globe this year, but it wasn’t until early March that we had full awareness of the havoc COVID-19 would wreak.

Tags: radiation oncology, conference 2020, COVID-19
By Tammy McCausland
2. SROA 2020 Highlights: How You Can Advance Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence in Radiation Oncology (Part 1)

Dr. Malika Siker, a radiation oncologist with the Medical College of Wisconsin, spoke about ways to advance equity, diversity and inclusiveness in radiation oncology. She concluded her talk by discussing what steps individuals can take to effect change.

Tags: Diversity, Leadership, conference 2020
By Tammy McCausland
3. Teaser Alert! What to expect at SROA 2020 Annual Meeitng

 On October 26–30, SROA will host its 37th Annual Meeting and its 1st virtual meeting. Like prior annual meetings, there will be a keynote presentation, general presentations and workshops.

Tags: conference 2020
By Tammy McCausland

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